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1995 Lexus SC

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Lexus SC Lexus SC Lexus SC Lexus SC Lexus SC
Lexus SC Lexus SC Lexus SC Lexus SC Lexus SC
Lexus SC Lexus SC Lexus SC Lexus SC Lexus SC
Lexus SC Lexus SC

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Lexus SC300 Na-T 1995 Turbo

Seller:jay yau
City, State:San Francisco, CA - (Map It!)
Email Contact:Click Here To Email The Seller
Phone Number:415-987-0018

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I actually prefer local pickup than to have to ship the vehicle. I will ship though, but at owner's expense.

Up for sale is an Auto 1995 Lexus SC300 w/ approx 170+K miles. It's a factory silver/blue-ish color w/ rare black interior, and clean inside out. The engine is a 2jz-ge which is the same engine off of the last gen. Toyota Supra MKIV. The bottom end on the 2jz holds 1000hp, so no problems turbo’ing at all. I don't like fancy body kits that make your car look riced out, but this car does have replicated Vertex side rocker panels and a rear bumper which looks extremely clean. I bought this car in Torrance California when it was bone stock, and drove it all the way to San Francisco with no problems what-so-ever. It was important to me that the interior was in excellent condition, so that it was worth driving 6hrs. just to pick it up. The tranny was just flushed at approx 160K so it's running perfectly with Genuine Lexus fluid. I gave it a minor tune up during the turbo install, having changed the plugs, wires, cap/rotor, and pcv. Before the turbo was installed, I check the compression with all 6cyls cranking over 180+ psi. I then installed a t4 t60-1 turbo on stock compression and completed this project just 3 months ago. I haven't tuned the car yet though. The s-afc is set to stock air/fuel so it drives just like how it did before the turbo. But just when you hit the throttle and give it a little more gas, you'll hear the turbo spool and it pulls gently, but that's all you want to do for now. It still runs normally and you can still take it to work every day and back home. All you have to do is take it to a dyno shop one of these days and have it tuned for 300rwhp, (equivalent to 350-360hp at the crank), on just the s-afc unit, which is still very safe on stock compression. This turbo setup is ready for 400rwhp if you decide to swap out the head gasket for a thicker piece. Then run some 440cc injectors and have a blast! The turbo is rated up to 500rwhp.

Here's a list of mod's on the car:
T60-1 turbo w/ .68a/r hot side for quick spool
Fmax turbo manifold
Blow off valve
Front mount intercooler and piping
Intake + Exhaust w/ custom 2.5" piping all over
2 dual tip Dynomax mufflers that sound the best on SC's
Na-T downpipe with a wideband O2 sensor hooked up to it
The wideband digital gauge is located just below the ignition key switch, so you can monitor a/f as you drive
Apex-i s-afc installed and used primarily for tuning. They will tune stock injectors w/ no issues.
MSD 6A Ignition for better spark
19" Boyd Coddington F09 wheels which are 2 piece rims (19x8 / 19x10) (No curb rashes/just needs a good polish)
Tanabe sway bars front/rear for excellent handling
Bilstein/Eibach custom adjustable coilover kit installed providing excellent handling and w/o sacrificing ride comfort. I guarantee you will like how it rides. It's low.. but you will be surprised how nice the ride is.
Daizen Steering Rack Bushings
MB quart speakers/tweeters w/ custom sub woofer in the trunk.
LS400 Big Brakes w/ drilled rotors providing excellent stopping power
97-99 front bumper
HID headlights

If you like to convert the engine back to stock , all stock engine parts are included such as, stock manifold and cat, stock mufflers, and stock intake box.

I really take care of this car and you'll see it once you get inside. The car really handles like a dream. Everything is done for you already. Just check out the pictures and call me if you have questions 415-987-0018. Come check out the car.

$7000 I'm pretty firm on the price, but come drive it first and you might decide to pay more. [Dunno]

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