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Engine Hybrid Conversion Technology : Online Books how 2 diy

Seller:Bruce Thompson
City, State:Victor Harbor, (Other) - (Map It!)
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Online books outline science, engineering & technological steps to converting your engine to hybrid. Application will improve fuel economy (10-100% [25-60] common), performance and life of engine. Parts become available upon purchase of online books (diy replication following steps & access to members website 4 help + parts market). These include electrolyser, MAP sensor enhancer & PCV enhancer. Simple (diy following steps) & affordable (~$300 4 diy) technology enables the hybrid option to become reality for the average person. Save $100s-1000s annually with a short payoff period.

Technology = oxyhydrogen + improved fuel combustion (3 energy)

Oxyhydrogen = H2O (stored) -> (on-demand by electrolysis) H2+O2+OH gases ->(burns back) H2O
-> more power & less fuel demand +CO2

Improved fuel combustion = reduced unburnt fuel -> more power + less C deposits & maitenance costs+ longer engine life

Use the best available technology. Advocates include better transport companies & a recent current affair program on Australian TV. So drive your $ further and press on the Bowser link to get some free fuel (u'v earned it & it should = 3). Please goto link (Bowser) for explanation and option to purchase.

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