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2003 Honda S2000

Skunk 2 (Stage 2) Turbo Camshafts for HONDA S2000

Seller:Vinnie Nguyen
City, State:Huntington Beach, CA - (Map It!)
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I have a BRAND NEW set of Skunk2 cams for $550
Skunk2 Tuner Series camshafts retain factory idle quality and low speed emissions and also significantly increase HP and TQ. Many of the Skunk2 Tuner Series camshafts also feature Fast Ramp and Amax Technology which allow the engine to build more torque at lower rpm's.

Skunk2 has painstakingly developed a series of camshafts that offers significant improvements over an already highly-developed factory engine. These camshafts feature ultra high-strength hollow iron alloy camshaft cores and cutting edge profile design. Utilizing Amax and Fast Ramp technology, our camshafts make significant increases in the low and mid range rpms which is an area that the S2000 severely lacks in performance. In a properly tuned base S2000 engine, we have seen a 9lb-ft increase in midrange torque and a 12hp increase in peak power using just our Stage 2 cam. With such significant mid-range gains, you won’t believe you are driving the same car.

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