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1998 Honda Civic

Tein Flex

Seller:daniel landeros
City, State:Santa Paula, CA - (Map It!)
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Phone Number:805 824 8115

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New Tein Flex coilovers, used for less than 2months in great condition.

Tein Type FLEX w/ Pillowball Upper Mount and Dual Height Adjustments is an high end performance coilover setup designed for everything from daily driving to track competitions. This coilover exibits superior handling charateristics with the added perforamnce of solid (non rubber) type pillowball upper mounts for an ultra responsive suspension package. With the added FLEXibility of the 16 way damping control and dual height adjustment one can fine tune the coilover exactly to their needs without sacrificing suspension stroke. Coilovers will come almost ready to install w/o having to resuse stock OEM rubber mounts. This is one of the top suspension kit available on the market. Superior handling, adjustability, and custimizability for all your high performance driving needs.
Look no more, this is the ultimate coilover setup for your car. Each unit is coated to prevent oxidation and extend coilover life and durability.

Some kits are compatible w/ the convenience of Tein EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller). Very high quality construction with extensive R&D to help ensure long term durability and reliability. Made in Japan with ISO9001 Certificate of Quality.

Each Tein FLEX Kit Include:

* 4x coilover springs and springs seat
* 4x matched shock absorber (height adjustable)
* 4x lower seat lock perch and 4x rubber bumps
* 2x spanner adjustment tools and 4x shock dust cover
* Some applications include upper spring seats

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